• Client

    Connecticut Florist Association

  • Date

    Summer 2013

The Connecticut Florist Association’s outdated website was in need of a major overhaul. Upon commission of the project it was announced that several sister websites would also be tied in with this main website. More than the application of a sleeker design, it was required to have each site conceptually tie in to one another, and the site structure was fractured amongst dozens of individual pages on each domain.

After studying the content and needs of the CFA, we were able to streamline the layout to deliver user experience, integrated with superior usability of both customers and clients. In addition, we set out to create a family of sites to be fully responsive. Making these sites fully responsive opened up the Connecticut Florist Association to a much larger audience, giving prospective clients and members the ability to access everything this family of sites had to offer, regardless of the device they were using.

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